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Geotechnical Engineering

Engineers understand the ground through geotechnics. The firm has an in-house Geotechnical Division. This offers a service in Geotechnical Engineering, either on separate commissions or more usually as a supplementary service for structural, civil and industrial engineering commissions.

Our geotechnical engineering group is well established as a specialist unit which delivers value to projects by bridging the needs of the project with the limitations of the ground.

The group is highly competent. It has developed its skill through not only working on local projects but also through working with individuals from the many offices of Arup Geotechnics, a highly regarded group internationally.

The wide range of projects that group has undertaken has given it the challenges needed for skills development.

Through skill and understanding we are able to offer intelligent and economical solutions for the many different types of geotechnical problems associated with building and infrastructure projects.

Combined with the services we offer in civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering we are well able to provide a multi-disciplinary package.

A comprehensive list of the services offered

1. Advice on micropiling, ground improvement processes and dewatering techniques.
2. Analysis and design of retaining walls for multi-storey basements.
3. Application of experience and soil technology to the design and construction of foundations and earthworks and to their effect on neighbouring structures.
4. Preparation of soil investigation tenders, tender evaluation, supervision for all field and laboratory work and interpretation of results.
5. Detailed analysis of the soil masses and prediction of their response to change in state brought about by imposed forces, excavation or changes in ground water regime.
6. Identification of the engineering properties of soil masses.
7. Proposals for the underpinning of existing buildings with inadequate foundations.
8. The design development and construction of all forms of foundations including piling, diaphragm walls, rock and ground anchors.

Retaining Walls, Kerja Raya Complex


KL100, Large Instrumented Pile


Retaining Walls, Kerja Raya Complex


Piling, Penang Second Bridge


Ground Improvement, Penang Second Bridge

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